Store owner's plan for his $1M payout from Powerball ticket sale


A winning ticket for the second-largest Powerball jackpot in history has stirred up the tiny California town where it was purchased by a yet-to-be-revealed customer.

Residents of Frazier Park, a quaint mountain community of 3,100 people about 75 miles north of LA, are dying to know if the lucky winner of the $1.76 billion prize is one of their own.

Nidal “Andy” Khalil, who since 1994 has co-owned the Midway Market & Liquor store where the winning ticket was purchased, said he hopes it was one of his regulars.

Nidal “Andy” Khalil Midway Market & Liquor store

“I found out about 9:30 p.m. last night, actually through social media.”

Nidal “Andy” Khalil Midway Market & Liquor store

“I didn’t even believe it at first. I think this could be the biggest thing that’s ever happened at Frazier Park. I hope it is one of my regular customers because we have a few who buy tickets every day.”

The beloved shopkeeper and Syrian immigrant said he plans to save a chunk of the store’s $1 million payout from the winnings for his children’s college education fund.

His nephew Chris Khalil, who works at the family store, said he was pleasantly shocked by the news. He is getting married in the next few months and the extra funds will come in handy, he said.

News of the Powerball winnings spread like wildfire through Frazier Park, which is mostly made up of retirees, veterans and “lifers.”

Many, residents said they were glad that Khalil will get some cash out of the deal. About five people nursing their beers and other drinks said they were pleased to see the Syrian immigrant and long-time store owner awarded the seven-figure payout as they described his charitable and kind nature.

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